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Our Services

Policy Relaxation:

I. If you are an Exporter and you are facing genuine problems due to the Policy laid down by the Goverment, than we can Help and assist you by representing the request to the DGFT / Policy Relaxation Committee. 

At ICCH we have our own team of Legal Experts who assists genuine Indian exporters in making any request / Plea to DGFT / Policy Relaxation Committee for relaxation of certain provisions of policy of any procedure on the ground that there is a genuine hardship to the Exporter effected by that policy.


That strict application of the Policy or Procedure is likely to have an adverse impact on trade /
Exporter as stated in para2.5 of Export Import Policy

II. Preparing representation for Audit objection and / Appeal and revision as stated in Chapter 15 (i) of Handbok 2002.

Every Now and than exporters receive Audit objections from Ministry of Finance and Office of Controller and Auditor General of India.

Usual objections are recovery of Excess payments made while approving erstwhile schemes like CCS / REP / SIL / Advance License etc. We provide legal opinion and legal services though our team of legal experts on the matter related to Audit objections / ECA matters.

Further we undertake to evaluate Audit objections / demands raised by related Departments from our Legal team and prepare replies / attend the personal hearings and represent cases effectively on merits / and on legal grounds as laid down in current as well as old Export Import Policy.