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Our Services

Export House / Trading House Approval.

As per para 3.7.1 of Export / Import Policy, Merchant / manufacture Exporter, Service Provider, EOU, EHTP, STP are eligible for Status Certificate subject to achieving minimum export performance as follows: -


Average FOB / FOR value during the preceding three Licensing years, in Rupees.

Export House

15 Crore

Trading House

100 Crore

Star Trading House

500 Crore

Super Star Trading House

2000 Crore

Special Strategic Package for Status Holders: -

  • "Units in Small Scale industry / Tiny Sector / Cottage Sector / Units registered with KVICs or KVIBs / units located in North Eastern States, Sikkim and J&K / Units exporting handloom, handicraft, hand knotted carpets / exporters holding golden status / exporters exporting to countries in Latin America and CIS / Sub Saharan Africa, units having ISO 9000 (Series) or ISO 14000 (series) of HACCP Certification or WHO-GMP or CMM level 2 and above certification status, shall be entitled for exports house status on achieving average FOB / FOR value of RS. 5 Crore during the preceding three licensing years. The same threshold limit shall be applicable to the service exporters and agri exporters (other than grains) for obtaining Export House Status"
  • Export made on re-export basis shall not be counted for the purpose of recognition.
  • The exports made by a subsidiary of a limited company shall be counted towards exports performance of the limited company for purpose of recognition. For this purpose, the company shall have the majority share holding in the subsidiary company.
  • The status holders shall be eligible for the following new / Special facilities: -
    1. . Licence / certificate / permissions and Customs clearance for both imports and exports on           self-declaration basis.
    2. . Fixation of Input - Output norms on priority.
    3. . Priority Finance for medium and long-term capital requirement as per conditions notified by RBI.
    4. . Exemption from compulsory negotiation of documents through bank. The remittance, however,        would continue to be received through banking channels.
    5. . 100% retention of foreign exchange in EEFC account.
    6. . Enhancement in normal repatriation period from 180 days to 360 days.

Scope of service is as follows:-

  • . Preparing statement of S/Bill Country wise as per data received by the client.
  • . Claiming weightage as applicable.
  • . Preparing application precisely as per Policy.
  • . Submission.
  • . Follow up till Export House Certificate is granted.

We need following details to prepare application:-

  • . Certified copy of Updated IEC + Valid RCMC.
  • . Summary of Exports of last 3 Preceding years.
  • . Statement of Exports Country / S/Bill wise.
  • . Copies of S/Bills + Bank Certificates for our perusal.
  • . Details of Branches / Subsidiary company if applicable.
  • . Certified copies of last 3 Export Houses if applicable.