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Advance Authorization Licenses

This scheme is covered under Chapter 4 of Export + Import Policy. The basic concept is to enable Exporter to claim benefit of duty free raw material against export of finished goods. Even packing material is allowed duty free.

Advance Authorization Licenses are issued for:

  1. . Physical Exports,
  2. . Intermediate Supplies
  3. . Deemed Exports

it is based on:

  1. . Export item covered by SION i.e norms are fixed.
  2. . Export item not covered by SION (norms not fixed)

. This particular scheme is Actual user based and raw materials imported cannot be                  transferred even after completion of export.

Scope of Services :

  • . Preparing application forms as per data received by the Client.
  • . Filing application online through EDI system.
  • . Submission of Hard Copy subsequently.
  • . Replying to queries if any, raised by Jt. DGFT.
  • . Follow-up till sanction of Advance Licence and in hand.
  • . Prescrutiny of Invoice / S/Bill before presentation to Customs.
  • . Clearance of Shipment under this scheme by JNPT / Air Cargo / Mumbai Custom House from        Customs if required.
  • . Scrutiny of Bank Certificate before submission to Bankers.
  • . Preparing statement of Import / Export itemwise.
  • . Applying for Revalidation / EO extension if required.
  • . Applying for Invalidation / ARO in favour of Manufacturer if required.
  • . Applying for Bondwaiver / Redemption.
  • . Paperwork for submission to Customs for final Waiver.
  • . If norms not fixed than we can arrange for fixation of Norms.

We require following details for filing Advance Licence


  1. . Profile as per Appendix - 2 in duplicate.
  2. . Certified copy of RCMC + IEC with Mfg. Unit Address.
  3. . Export Description / Quantity / FOB per Unit.
  4. . Sion Sr. No.
  5. . ITC No + Duty Structure of Import Item.
  6. . C. A Certificate of last 3 years Exports.
  7. . Import Item required for making one unit of Export production including wastage / CIF price per        unit / Import duty structure.
  8. . Mfg. Concerned Letter / SSI Copy / C. Excise Licence if Merchant Exporter.
  9. . Original S/Bills of past exports for our perusal.
  10. . Details of previous licences with status of EO:

Sr. No

Lic. No. + DT



% of EO Fulfilled


  1. . Summary of EO completed in previous Licences S/Bill wise with status of Imports.
  2.   Copy of own SSI / Ind. Licence / SIA Reg. / ISO Certificate as applicable.


  1. . Declaration as per para 4.7.5 of Hand Book of procedure.
  2. . Flow Chart / Manufacturing process.
  3. . Catalogue of Export product.
  4. . Justification of wastage in Details.
  5. . Copy of previous Licence or of similar item whereby Norms fixed by DGFT.
  6. . Last 3 years production Certificate as follows:

Sr. No


Total production of resultant product

Quantity of different items consumed (local/Imported both)

Quantity consumed / unit production


  1. Copy of Export house or ISO Certificate if applicable.